Do you take TFP (time for print, or time for portfolio)? 

I do personal projects and then invite models to participate. Otherwise, I don´t work on TFP basis. 

Can I come with my friend or parent?

Of course, you can. However, I would advise that your friend or parent only comes to say Hi and picks you up after we are done with the photo shoot. Based on my experience from taking pictures of new beginner models, it is more easy for you to focus on a photoshoot if no friends are watching you being in front of a camera.

Can I ask for more than 5 pictures?

Sure, just drop me an email and we can plan everything accordingly to you. 

Are pictures going to be retouched?

Yes, you will receive retouched pictures within couple of days. 

How long photo session takes?

I usually recommend to book 5 hours for standard test photo shoot.

Are we going to take nude pictures?

No, we don´t. We focus on a denim styling or creative collaboration with a stylist.

Do you take short films? 

At the moment I don´t. However, this option will come in the near future.

Do we sign a contract?

Yes, we sign standard agreement which is emailed for your/agency review prior to the photo shoot.

When shall I place payment?

Private person is asked to pay invoice prior to the photoshoot. Model agencies are getting invoice with 14 days due payment. 



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